Schedule Updates, Info, and News

It is almost that time of the year!! We have had some changes to the schedule. The schedule link below will get you to the most updated schedule we have available. Below is just a quick reference of the changes that have been made. We are almost there. Happy Homegrown!

4/30 Monday
7:30 p.m. at NorShor Theater mezzanine: Goat Hill Quartet (added to schedule)
9 p.m. at Sir Benedict’s: Raw Space

5/4 Friday
9:30 p.m. at Blacklist: Lion or Gazelle
9 p.m. on DTA Trolley: TBD

5/5 Saturday
8 p.m. at Beaner’s: Mel Annala
10 p.m. at Pizza Lucé: Amy Hzl
10:30 p.m. at Blacklist: The Great Unwilling

2018 Volunteer Spotlight – Tina Marie Higgins Wussow

Volunteer Spotlight! As the festival approaches and 200+ volunteers prepare for training and scheduling it is never more clear that our volunteers are truly the heart of this festival! This week we want to shine the light on Tina Marie Higgins Wussow! What a superstar! Tina has been producing, curating, and hosting the Homegrown Music Festival Poetry Showcase for three years and it is one of the best events of HGMF! Its always packed – its always amazing – and it’s outgrown every venue it has ever taken place in.

Tina’s favorite day of Homegrown is the final Sunday “The sleepy Sunday brunch with friends, the delirium of it all, all the silly stories from the week floating around, and hugs, lots of hugs”

Tina’s pro tips include a reminder that HGMF is a marathon – pace yourself, slow and steady wins this race. She also feels strongly that Jacob Mahon is not to be missed! (This is not the first time our volunteers have told us this!)

When asked what her favorite Homegrown memory is – “I had just started dating my husband and he said, “I know you’re tired and I know you have to work in the morning but I just need you to trust me.” He brought me to an after party at 2104 and there we danced just a few feet from the Black Eyed Snakes. I had never seen them before and it was pure magic. My exhaustion the next day at work was well worth it. (Also, there was a Sunday about 4-5 years back when the Silk Sheiks played at the Saratoga…there was a Peter Pain fiasco and it was pretty unforgettable.)”

Your favorite Homegrown memory is waiting to be made this year!

We would love to have you as a volunteer – join the team by signing up to volunteer at:

20th Anniversary Homegrown Illustration Show

The 20th Anniversary Homegrown Illustration Show will feature twenty different artist-rendered caricatures, depicting the region’s cultural luminaries dressed as the Homegrown Chicken mascot. The individuals were chosen for being instrumental in the success and growth of the Homegrown Music Festival and overall commitment to the regional arts scene.

The artists selected to create the illustrations represent the region’s teen, emergent, and established creative voices. The show will be on view at Prove Gallery April 27 – May 18, with an opening reception April 27, 7-10 p.m. The show is a first-time collaboration with the Duluth Art Institute in sharing a common mission to engage the community through contemporary art.

Melissa LaTour
Adam Guggemos
Tim & Brad Nelson
Walk Dizzo
Don Ness
Emily Larson
Andy Miller
Kip Praslowicz
Dan Anderson and His Silk Shieks
Jim Paine
Robot Rickshaw
Ryan Nelson
Dereck Murphy-Williams
Jessie Dykhuis
Erin Naughton-Garrison
Tyler Scouton