Yester“A train-hopping, hitchhiking, traveling musician collaborates with a full-time-wage-slave DJ” is Chris LeBlanc’s description of the duo that is Yester. Kyle Ollah (the train-hopper) and LeBlanc (the DJ) are the constants on guitar and drums in a project that is decidedly less metal than their previous band, Bear Garden. They’ve had a transient group of supporting musicians around them since starting. “It’s been super ironic,” LeBlanc says. “When Kyle and I recorded the EP it was just him and me. And now we’re recording a full-length and it’s back to just me and Kyle.” For Homegrown, however, they’ll be joined by Matt Mobley on bass and Michael Ami Furo (a.k.a. Waabi) on guitar. Yester’s album is set to be released in June.

7:30pm Sun 4/28 | Teatro Zuccone