Homegrown Music Festival: April 30 – May 7, 2017.
Become a volunteer!


Homegrown Music Festival is the area’s largest local music festival, and we are looking for volunteers in many areas! There are two types of volunteers that we are looking for.

1: Volunteer – Tasks a volunteer may do include working the door at a venue, distributing the Homegrown Field Guides to area businesses, postering, tabling, and much more. If a volunteer chooses to work a door for an entire evening, the volunteer will receive a complementary festival T-shirt and a week-long pass to the festival. There will be all-age shows as well as 21+ shows.

2: Venue Manager – A Venue Manager will serve as a liaison for volunteers at one or more designated venues. They will be the go-to person when dealing with communication from the venue to the volunteers. Volunteers will check in with the Venue Manager at the beginning and end of their assigned shift.

This year marks the 19th anniversary of Homegrown Music Festival, and we have many returning volunteers and venue managers.

Happy Cluckin’ Homegrown!

To volunteer at a venue or venue manage a group of volunteers at a venue,
please email Melissa.  To sign up for a Duluth Homegrown Music Festival
distribution route, please email Erin.

Erin Naughton-Garrison
Volunteer Coordinator
Homegrown Music Festival
Celebrating 19 years!