Duluth Homegrown Music Festival Volunteer of the Week

vowName and Occupation?
Nancy Ruth, Merchandise Flow Supervisor “Back-Room Troll”- Victoria`s Secret Duluth

Where are you originally from?
From Cable, WI, currently Superior, WI.

I am an only child; why try to repeat perfection?

What made you volunteer for Duluth Homegrown Music Festival?
Working with Melissa La Tour at Victoria’s Secret, I saw her passion and excitement for this event. As I came to know more about it, I could see the significance of every level of these events from the fans to the venue owners. It’s an amazing thing, I had to be a part of it! Plus, I get to hang out with and meet some awesome peeps. It’s nice to be a part of something meaningful.

How many years have you volunteered?
Three years now? I’m not even sure. I just go where she tells me.

What was the most fun you have had at a venue?
It has to be R.T. Quinlan’s during the Winter Fiasco a few years back. Every band was a completely different genre from heavy metal to an all  female folk-esque band, and every person in there was just jamming right along to everything. It was amazing to experience that diverse exposure and just see nothing but support from everyone there for the bands and fellow fans. It really showed how much this event means to the culture of this area.

If you could describe Homegrown fans in one word, what would it be?

For more information on volunteering for Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, email us at: Volunteer@DuluthHomeGrown.com