alicia stockardName and Occupation:
Alicia Stockard, Realtor, Messina and Associates Real Living

Place you call home:
Duluth, MN

Family to speak of:
3 fantastic children

What got you involved with the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival?
I was studying at Beaners a few years back and realized I couldn’t stay because a band was performing that evening with a particularly provocative name. I thought to myself, “Who in the world would name their band Canine Heart Sounds?”I decided to stick around and fell in love with their music. It was a catalyst for me to check out more local music and eventually getting involved with the Homegrown Festival.

How many years have you volunteered for the festival?
I have volunteered for 3 years and venue managed at multiple sites during those years.

Favorite Homegrown memory?
Hip hop night at the Twins bar my second year of volunteering. It was a venue I had never worked and a genre I enjoy, however wasn’t particularly familiar with in Duluth. There’s definitely some dynamite local rap artists, especially this tiny woman who crushed a slim shady super sonic speed solo. It was jaw dropping.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Mountain biking, Nordic skiing, trail running and home remodeling are tops on my list. Of course, any kind of music or theatre events come in a close second.

Who is your favorite local band/entertainer?
I can’t pass up a band with a horn section that displays over the top costumes with dancers, so I’d say Red Mountain is a favorite.

Words of advice for those thinking of volunteering for Duluth Homegrown Music Festival?
Homegrown is a week where people seem to put work and life stressors on the side burner for a spell and come together to celebrate local musical
talent as a big, happy family.

Words of Advice to Volunteers:
Prepare to have fun!