Support your local music scene! Volunteer with Homegrown!

Duluth Homegrown needs you. Every year we rely on the help of volunteers from the community to make the festival possible. Without volunteers Homegrown neither rawks nor rolls.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers help with preparations for the festival from December to May. Most importantly, volunteers work at every show the week of the festival (May 1-8). Volunteers will work for the full evening at their venue during all shows.

During the eight day festival, there are two roles for volunteers:

  1. Door Staff
  2. Venue Manager

Door Staff work the doors at Homegrown shows. They sell wristbands and prevent jerks from sneaking in. They are also responsible for selling merchandise and for answering questions about the festival for fans.

Venue Managers are in charge of one venue for an entire night. They are a contact point for bands, sound engineers, and the staff at the restaurant/bar. They have a greater responsibility for helping a show to run smoothly. They are required to attend a short training before the festival.

All Door Staff and Venue Managers receive a FREE PASS TO ALL SHOWS during the festival and a FREE HOMEGROWN TEE-SHIRT!

How can you get involved?

The best way that you can support Homegrown is to let us know you want to help:

  1. Join our email list at the bottom of this page
  2. Contact the Homegrown Volunteer Coordinator right away to find out more:

Melissa LaTour, Volunteer Coordinator

Rawk on, volunteers!

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