Virginia native Troy Rogers’ work has two facets: designing and building robotic instruments, and then using them to create musical compositions. He and his band of music-making robots with names like CARI (Cylindrical Aerophone Robotic Instrument) have performed for local audiences at BradFest since 2010 and at Teatro Zuccone in 2012, but this will be their first Homegrown appearance. Rogers recently relocated to Duluth from Charlottesville, Va., where he co-founded the group Expressive Machines Musical Instruments, self-described as “a band of sonic thrill seekers; composers who have turned to the creation of novel robotic musical instruments to achieve their musical vision.” A Fulbright scholarship took Rogers to Belgium for a year to apprentice with musical robotics pioneer Godfried-Willem Raes; while there, he worked with the world’s largest and most advanced robot orchestra.

8:30pm Fri 5/2 | Teatro Zuccone