This self-proclaimed “country-punk” group was born about 10 years ago in a home on the Duluth Hillside. Featuring Pat Laney, Seth Brovsky, Jay Rahman and Shanna Willie, the band has been known to play such exotic places as Thunder Bay while pulling shenanigans like staying up past 10 p.m. on a weeknight. They believe Minnesota is more trendsetting but Wisconsin is way more hipster; the two compliment each other nicely. Their favorite color is blue. They like sports. Between the four of them they have one wife, a couple of kids, a roommate, a cat, a dog, three houses, four sisters, three brothers, and 20 years in college. They like the weekends and would rather be at the cabin. But in the meantime they look forward to yet another Homegrown.

10:30pm Mon 4/30 at R.T. Quinlan’s