From 2008 to 2014 the Tisdales released three albums — Baker’s Dozen, Out with the New and Supercaldera — played a bazillion gigs and generally brought as much old-school rock as any two-bit Minnesota barroom could handle. They took a break in 2015 and returned in February to rip up R.T. Quinlan’s like they’d never left. Rich Mattson and Tony Derrick head up the band on guitar and vocals, with bassist Jason Kokal and drummer Derek Rolando rounding out the rhythm. Quoth Rolando: “I guess if you put the Flamin’ Groovies in a bowl with Neil Young and the Replacements and smoked it up, your hallucinations would sound a lot like the pounding rock psychedelia the Tisdales like to dish out.”

10:30 Sat 5/7 at Pizza Lucé