slammingdoorsWhen Adam Herman sought a change of pace and new direction, he chose the Iron Range. After touring for several years with a Colorado rock band, he found himself in Eveleth in 2011, where he started collecting musicians and soon had a blues-rock, soul and jam-band thing going on. And they have immediate Duluth cred: There’s a banjo involved. Off the Range, you might have seen Herman (vocals, acoustic guitar), Matt Johnson (drums), Pat Hawkinson (lead guitar, banjo), Craig LaSart (bass), Craig Skalko (keyboards) and Mike Randolph (pedal steel) at last fall’s balloon festival at Bayfront Park or at several venues around the Twin Ports. This is the band’s first Homegrown. They’re working on a new album, following a 2012 EP release. Herman says to look for “heartache, anger, and cynicism” in the new grooves.

11:15pm Sat 5/3 | Rex Bar