Mark Lindquist played the first unofficial Homegrown back in 1998, when it was just a birthday party and he was front man for Giljunko. By 2005, he was transitioning out of Giljunko and into a new band, the Little Black Books. The group featured a number of area artists, including Bob Olson, Mindy Johnson and Jim Hagstrom. LBB now is an acoustic/electric one-man show. Still hooked on the purity of analog recording, Lindquist will be pulling songs from The Little Black Book, a whiskey-soaked, ash-smeared pages-of-old to fresh-and-new tunes he’s been working on in his BaxTrax basement studio in Baxter. Chaperone Records released an LP of some of these recordings on vinyl in 2014 and another EP is expected in 2016.

8pm Sat 5/7 at Beaner’s Central