SnöbarnAriane Norrgard and Gaelynn Lea White are more than just band mates, they are roommates and close friends. The two “snow children” met at a farmer’s market two years ago and have been making music and mischief ever since. Their “eclectic-folk” duo has turned into a full ensemble since last year’s Homegrown, with the additions of drummer Chad Erlemeier, percussionist Bryan “Lefty” Johnson and bassist George Ellsworth. Expect a more electrified version of last year’s mellow performance, with Norrgard alternately plugged in or at the piano, and Lea belting out high-powered harmonies as well as possibly breaking strings on her fiddle. The group’s first album, tentatively titled Hand by Hand, is planned for release this summer.

10:30pm Fri 5/3 | Spurs

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