Below is the official 2017 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival schedule.

Sunday, April 30

Duluth Children’s Museum

12:15pm World Beat Drummers

1pm Kyle Ollah

2pm Dan the Monkey Man

3pm Woodblind


Teatro Zuccone

6pm Kristy Marie & the Birdiecrats

7pm Carebears, Carebears, Yeah!

8pm The Holy Hootenanners


The Blind Pig

7:15pm Mayor’s Proclamation and Homegrown Hempen Ale Cask Release

7:30pm Paper Parlor

8:30pm Abe Curran and the Blue Rooster

9:30pm Boreal Forest

10:30pm The Latelys


Pizza Lucé

10pm Kat Fox 

11pm Sanz Trio

12am The Unlikelys


Monday, May 1


Red Herring Lounge

5pm Opening reception for Homegrown Photo Show

5:30pm Maddy Siiter

6:30pm LadySlipper

8:15pm Lesser Planets

9:15pm Ire Wolves

10:15pm Enter/Void


Zinema 2

6pm Homegrown Music Video Festival


Sacred Heart Music Center

7:30pm Homegrown Poetry Showcase


Barrel Room at Fitger’s Brewhouse

7:45pm Bobby Wagner

8:45pm T. Dack

9:45pm Dong Dot Surgery

10:45pm Anatomy of Ruminants


Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake

8pm Steve Sola

9pm Crazy Neighbors

10pm Gold Star Junkies


Rex Bar at Fitger’s

9pm Woodblind

10pm Teague Alexy Band

11pm Silverback Colony


Tuesday, May 2


Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake

6pm Sing! A Women’s Chorus


Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

6pm Jen West

7pm Morrow

8pm DJ Path Annu

9pm Wndy


Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

6:30pm The Old Smugglers

7:30pm Nio

8:30pm Borderstone


Zinema 2

7pm Homegrown Music Video Festival (Encore Presentation)


Vikre Distillery

7:30pm Dance Attic

8:30pm Similar Dogs

9:30pm Todd Gremmels


Prøve Gallery

8pm Monster Mob

9pm Torment

10pm Mind Control


The Sports Garden

8:45pm Fearless Moral Inventory

9:45pm The Black-eyed Snakes

10:45pm Superior Siren

11:45pm Àlamode


Dubh Linn Irish Pub

11pm The Farsights

12am Rick McLean

1am A Band Called Truman (confirmed)


Wednesday, May 3


Clyde Iron Works – Mezzanine

6pm World Beat Drummers

10:15pm Timothy Martin & the New Norm

11:15pm Duluth Dolls


Beaner’s Central

6:30pm Bella Larson and the Scene Kids

7:30pm G’narwhals

8:30pm The Conformist Party

9:30pm The Fabulous D-Bags


Clyde Iron Works – Main Stage

7pm Rich Mattson & the Northstars

8pm Gaelynn Lea

9pm The Social Disaster


Mr. D’s Bar & Grill

9:30pm Déjà vu Drifters

10:30pm Hannah Rey

11:30pm Father Hennepin

12:30am The Bottle Jockeys


Gopher Restaurant & Lounge

9:45pm A Winter Downpour

10:45pm Low Forms

11:45pm Lord Montague

12:45am Dad’s Acid



10:15pm Chase Down Blue

11:15pm Four Mile Portage

12:15am The Stephanie Longstreet Band


Thursday, May 4


The Spirit Room

6:30pm Adam Sippola

7:30pm Gene LaFond and Amy Grillo

8:30pm The Slamming Doors


DTA Trolley

8pm King J Lar

9pm Hanna Cesario


Cedar Lounge

8:15pm Markus J. Dandy and the Complete Lack Thereof

9:15pm Venus de Mars

10:15pm Lion or Gazelle


The Main Club

9pm Raw Space

10pm DJ Nola

11pm Dirty Horse

12am Big Wave Dave and the Ripples


Thirsty Pagan Brewing

8:45pm Teague Alexy & Erik Berry

9:45pm RoofTop Fable

10:45pm Honest Maude

11:45pm The True Malarkey


Reef Bar

10pm Dan Dresser

11pm Starling of Athens

12am The Fontanelles


Friday, May 5


Beaner’s Central

6pm Robot Rickshaw

7pm Strictly Hammers

8pm Mr. Kickass


Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

6:15pm Red Pine

7:15pm The Bill and Kate Isles Band

8:15pm Marquis Mark and the Very Mysterious


Teatro Zuccone

6:15pm Bill Bastian

7:15pm Nordic Angst

8:15pm Lowland Lakers


Sacred Heart Music Center

7pm Black Diary

8pm Emily Haavik and Friends

9pm Low


Legacy Glassworks

7:30pm Secret Badass

8:30pm Kryptic

9:30pm Renagade


Red Herring Lounge

7:30pm Songs of Shipwreck

8:30pm Pale in Comparison

9:30pm Portrait of a Drowned Man

10:30pm Actual Wolf


Blacklist Artisan Ales

8pm Aimee Tischer

9pm The Trash Cats

10pm Boku Frequency

11pm The Confused Brothers Band

12am Supreme Rokka Hi-Fi


DTA Trolley

8pm Paul Newberg

9pm Sheila Wonders


Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake

9pm Kaylee Matuszak

10pm Horse Fzce

11pm Kitschy Gloomy


R. T. Quinlan’s Saloon

9pm Willie Diction

10pm Eddiedition

11pm Dubz

12am Jaze


Rex Bar at Fitger’s

9pm Phantom Tails

10pm Heaven’s Gate Away Team

11pm Ball Slashers

12am The Little Black Books


The Blind Pig

9:30pm Israel

10:30pm Blackwater Tribe

11:30pm The Dark Underbelly


Dubh Linn Irish Pub

9:45pm The Riverside Bogstompers

10:45pm Virgil Caine Band

11:45pm Jaw Knee Vee


Barrel Room at Fitger’s Brewhouse

10:15pm Ryan Van Slooten

11:15pm Medical Underground

12:15am The Boomchucks


Pizza Lucé

10:30pm The Gentleman’s Anti-Temperance League

11:30pm Ingeborg von Agassiz

12:30am Black River Revue


Saturday, May 6


Chester Bowl Park

11am Rock ’n’ Run

12pm Homegrown Kickball Classic


Sacred Heart Music Center

3pm Twin Ports Choral Project

3:30pm College of St. Scholastica Concert Choir

4pm Jacob Jonker

4:20pm Mina Kaiser

4:35pm Zenith City Ensemble

4:50pm North Wind Flute Choir

5:25pm Goat Hill Quartet

5:45pm Northland’s Finest Horn Choir


Beaner’s Central

6pm Big Science

7pm Modify

8pm The Documentary


Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

6:15pm Gina Lee

7:15pm John Agacki

8:15pm Briand Morrison


Teatro Zuccone

6:15pm Tender Ness

7:15pm Dear Rosetta

8:15pm Cyrus Pireh


Blacklist Artisan Ales

8pm Mel Annala

9pm Mama’s Stolen Horses

10pm Gin Street

11pm Glen’s Neighbor

12am Dyad


DTA Trolley

8pm Travis Hendershot

9pm Jim Hall


Legacy Glassworks

8:30pm J4Tay

9:30pm Kyle Ollah

10:30pm Average Mammals


Red Herring Lounge

8:30pm Anthony Bennett

9:30pm Greg Cougar Conley

10:30pm Reflectivore

11:30pm The Fiasco


Minnesota Power Plaza

7:45pm Tribal Alchemie featuring Yabobo African Drum Group

8:45pm Spin Collective


Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake

8:30pm #theindianheadband

9:30pm Jack Campbell

10:30pm Feeding Leroy


R. T. Quinlan’s Saloon

9pm Nopamine

10pm Southpaw

11pm Pizzaghost

12am Bratwurst


Rex Bar at Fitger’s

9pm Low-Hi Funk

10pm James G

11pm Nonfic

12am The Crunchy Bunch


Pizza Lucé

10:30pm Beyond Bliss

11:30pm Toby Thomas Churchill

12:30am Glitteratti


Spurs on First

9:45pm Wes Hadrich

10:45pm Minnesotabuick

11:45pm The Adjustments


Barrel Room at Fitger’s Brewhouse

10:15pm Group Too

11:15pm Bill Flannagan

12:15am The Brothers Burn Mountain


The Blind Pig

9:30pm Dead End Friends

10:30pm The Tisdales

11:30am Chasm of Czar


Sunday, May 7


Red Herring Lounge

12pm Homegrown Music Video Festival (Second Encore)


The Blind Pig

11am Jacob Mahon

12pm Jazz Time

1pm Stel


Canal Park Brewing Co.

1:30pm Breanne Marie & the Front Porch Sinners

2:30pm Golden Valley

3:30pm Mark Anderson Trio