The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival encourages social media interaction! We have set up official channels of communication and we’d love for you use these networks to discuss Homegrown associated events leading up to and even after the festival. It has come to our attention that there may be some confusion over what the official channels are, well here’s the answer:

Twitter: Our official handle is: @dhgmf. This is who you should be following for official Homegrown Twitter communication. We use our twitter page to advertise events associated with the artists that play our festival as well as update followers when official Homegrown changes are made (example: Due to an emergency, Band A has had to drop out but Band B will be taking their place).

The official hashtag for this year’s festival is #hgmf12. Use this hashtag when using your own personal twitter to talk about Homegrown: The Apocalypse

Facebook: Our official Facebook page is We encourage you to “Like” this page and share this link on your own wall. Our Facebook. serves a similar function as our Twitter but with the ability to use more than 140 characters.