nwfcFinally, Duluth’s professional and amateur flutists will gather on one stage during Homegrown. North Wind Flute Choir is an ensemble comprised of retirees, students, music educators and college professors playing flutes of different voicings, including the piccolo, concert flute, alto flute in G, and bass flute. If all of the members can manage to show up on the same night, the group will include Dawn Silvestrini and Bobbi Tomasetti on piccolo; Deb Fenlason, Tara Grubbe, Sondra Mowers, Kathy Neff, Betty Preus, Dawn Silvestrini, Kathy Stenehjem, Chloe Thomas, Summer Thomas, Abby Valine, William VanValkenburg and Clara Wodny on flute; David Craig, Karen Keenan and Cindy Spillers on alto flute; and Ray Aiken on bass flute. Director Melanie Sever says the styles of music they perform include classical, traditional, pop, folk and jazz.

6:15pm Sat 5/3 | Sacred Heart