Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Lindquist’s Mix

$9.00 USD (includes shipping)Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Lindquist's Mix

Track List:

  1. Retribution Gospel Choir What She Turned Into
  2. Equal Xchange Weird
  3. The Alrights Happy Birthday Universe
  4. The Keep Aways Rivalry
  5. The Hotel Coral Essex Great White Dinosaur
  6. Trampled By Turtles Never Again
  7. The Bitter Spills The Old Clyde Road
  8. Mark Lindquist Hey Buddy
  9. Fred Tyson Free Man
  10. Dave Mehling Idaho
  11. Amy Abts Approach and Attack
  12. Portrait of a Drowned Man The Marina is Too Shallow
  13. The SuperTacks Sweat
  14. Both 777
  15. Southwire Bell

Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Starfire’s Mix

$9.00 USD (includes shipping)Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Starfire's Mix

Track List:

  1. I Am The Slow Dancing Umbrella Origami Whisky and Something
  2. The Dames Taiwan
  3. Black-eyed Snakes Rise Up!
  4. Amy Abts Number 7
  5. Charlie Parr Just Like Today
  6. Crew Jones Banjones
  7. Father Hennepin I Like it in Duluth
  8. Cars & Trucks I’ve Been Wondering
  9. Giljunko Mohawks
  10. Jamie Ness Blue Collar
  11. Jerree Small Mile and Mile
  12. Tangier 57 Intermission No. 4: Olives Bombay
  13. Mary Bue Red Dirt Trails
  14. Low Starfire
  15. Bone Appetit Drive Away

The ARMC presents… The Twin Ports (2 Disc Set)

$8.00 USD (includes shipping)The ARMC presents... The Twin Ports

Track List (Disc 1):

  1. Mitch and Greta You and I
  2. Wyatt Famous Follow Your Feet
  3. Cars & Trucks We’re All Gonna Die
  4. Manheat Hotel Suicide (Barstool Mix)
  5. Danecdote Danimation
  6. Sports! Little Girls
  7. A Corrosive Melody Hunter, Gatherer, Coveter, Thief
  8. Nordic Waste I Like Short Songs
  9. I am the Slow Dancing Umbrella and the bears
  10. The Brushstrokes Haggard Whore
  11. Words to a Film Score Wisconsin Point
  12. Both Brick to the Face
  13. The Keep Aways Dancehall
  14. The Surfactants Jenny, You’re a Meteor
  15. Dios Mio (Adder)All I Need
  16. Bear Garden I’m Jack Nicholson and I have very high Eyebrows
  17. Jackie & the Ripoffs Patriot Act
  18. Voyages Into the Vast Emptiness
  19. Canine Heart Sounds Boat Song

Track List (Disc 2):

  1. Portrait of a Drowned Man First Breath and the Break
  2. Dave Mehling Where Do I Go
  3. Shana David Minnesota Nice
  4. The Little Black Books The String
  5. The Fromundas / Gimme 5 Red Tape
  6. Farewell Tour My Radio
  7. Peer Precious Roomies
  8. Cowards Solitude
  9. The Good Colonels As the Crow Flies
  10. The State Champs Invention
  11. Batteries A Stranger’s Menthols
  12. Greg Cougar Conley Begin
  13. Equal Xchange Stage Presents
  14. The Moon is Down My Amazing Kite
  15. Maple Keys Bed of Pine
  16. The Boomchucks Good News/Bad News
  17. Horse & Rider We Put the “Fuck You” in Team
  18. Indulge Mastadulge
  19. Fair-Weather Friend Trestle
  20. Panda Teeth Whiskey Loving Twenty Somethings