Homegrown prides itself on being the raddest event to hit this side of Lake Superior. People from all over the community pile into local venues to take in and experience over two hundred bands and performers. This is an event that is driven by community and values safety above all else. That’s why Homegrown has teamed up with local non-profit Men As Peacemakers to utilize their BEST Bar Model bystander intervention training with volunteers and, really, anyone who wants to sharpen their bystander skills. Homegrown is taking a proactive stance to stop any harm before it even happens by empowering volunteers, performers, venue staff, and rock-n-rollers of all kinds with the skills to step in and intervene in situations which have the potential for problems.

As one of the first festivals in the nation to work on primary prevention, we are asking anyone interested to test out the online bystander intervention training and provide feedback. The training is still in draft form, so feedback will help Men As Peacemakers shape the training for other festivals and bars in the future. A week after Homegrown, the link will no longer work so that edits can be made. For more information on the BEST Party Model and Men As Peacemakers, please visit their website menaspeacemakers.org.

http://menaspeacemakershost.org/homegrowntraining (training begins after the pre-survey).