Goth? Industrial? Experimental? Noise art? Shoegaze? It’s hard to define exactly what Lorenzo’s Tractor does musically, but whatever it is, Rob Fernquist has been dropping it for 25 years. These audio bombs usually include some version of Fernquist’s guitar-meets-static ideas along with the occasional stream of conscious vocals. Luke Olson, Harrison Crane, and Erik Fernquist often join the sound experiments with electrified string detonations of their own. Ben Brager was drafted into the madness recently enough that it’s not known what instrument he’ll end up playing. Fernquist has been putting out digital recordings since forever and the most recent pair, 2015’s All You Hear and the February release Blood is Cheap, have offered, dare to say it, a more structured blueprint into chaos.

10:15pm Fri 5/6 at Studio 15