Lord Montague plays loud, long, complex, heavy, slightly funky stoner-rock songs intended to say important stuff. The band’s 2015 release The Cave is a modern-day version of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” that uses lyrics and music to tell the tale of a child who is “born into the world, and soon after is lured into the modern ‘cave’ by way of the television, the church and government propaganda.” After being fully brainwashed, the prisoner realizes that his “reality” is not reality. He escapes from the cave, running as far away as possible. Singer and guitarist Marcus Gruenstern, bassist Kyle Peters, and drummer Nate Fowler moved to Duluth from the Twin Cities and have performed a lot since then. “The scene here has been much nicer,” Gruenstern says.

10pm Sat 5/7 at Rex Bar