Born in St. Paul and raised in White Bear Lake, Johnny Vichich is a one-man rock-and-roll trash party. He draws his influences from “dirt, dames, grease, roosters, pulled pork, duct tape, Harry Crews, skateboards and sideshows.” Three distorted albums have resulted from his recent years of bashing on instruments and garbage — 2012’s The Lo-Fi Rockabilly Blues Trash Boogie Woogie Stomp, 2013’s The Dog Gone Low Down Lonesome Good For Nothing Sorry Sounds of Jaw Knee Vee and 2014’s Stomp, Shout, Shake!. He lived in Duluth throughout 2014, but now resides in his native St. Paul, though he continues to land on the couches of Duluth friends for weekend shows at local bars.

9:45pm Sat 5/7 at Spurs on First