Almost Homegrown Time! Read this carefully.

Band Packet Info

Getting your band badges, drink tickets and other swag will be a little different than last year. To start with, Homegrown has new headquarters that will serve as the pickup location for your band packets:

The Chicken Shack
(Below Electric Fetus in the former Vinyl Room space)
12 E. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802

If you’re not familiar with this space, it’s directly below the Electric Fetus. If you’re looking at the front door of the Electric Fetus, go through the door to your right and head downstairs. The Chicken Shack is located straight ahead when you get to the bottom of the stairs (again, in the same space the Electric Fetus formerly housed their Vinyl Room). You can’t miss it. If you are familiar with this space, you can also access it from Michigan Street as well.

Here are the dates and times The Chicken Shack will be open for Band Packet Pickup:

  • Saturday, April 28th: Noon-6pm
  • Sunday, April 29th: Noon-10pm
  • Monday, April 30th:2pm – 6pm
  • Friday, May 4th:12pm – 4pm

Packets may be picked up by any band member or designee. They’ll have to sign for the packet and maybe show an ID if they’re acting super sketch or something. These packets will not be available anywhere else.  Please make arrangements for someone to pick up your stuff because getting it to you outside of the times noted above will not be possible. If you don’t pick up your stuff ahead of time you risk being turned away at the door of your own show.

Packets will include passes for all members of your band, plus some extra swag. Please note: if a musician is in multiple bands their pass will usually be in the packet for the band that comes first alphabetically in our program. Lists of all bands and all performers will be posted for staff referral in the shack. Some bands will not get packets as all of their members are in other bands (Ex: Southwire does not need a band packet as all of their members are in other bands that come first in the alphabet – Crew Jones and Coyote). All band packets will have the names of the members of the band for which their stuff is inside. If you’re at all confused – ask the staff at The Shack during pickup.

Band Badge

You’re new to the festival? Awesome! We’re glad to have you. You played the festival last year but don’t remember how you got your wristband or how you got home? No worries!

Each member of every musical act will receive a laminated badge that declares your identity as a 2012 festival performer. This badge, like a paper ticket, is what you need to obtain a week long wristband. Your wristband is what will get you into shows all week – not your badge. To get your wristband:

  1.  Present the wonderful door staff with your performer badge.
  2. The door staff will punch a hole in your badge and immediately place a weeklong wristband on you – Do not take this off until you are done seeing music during the week. Once your badge has been hole-punched you’ll not be able to get another wristband without paying for it.
  3. Show the door staff your wristband every time you enter a venue.
  4. Rawk on.

Band Guidelines

  • Arrive early: Load in at least 30 minutes before your slot.
  • Plan to share gear: Bands have 15 minutes to change over, which means 7.5 minutes to get on and 7.5 minutes to get off. Check your schedule and contact the other bands about back-lining. Set up your gear as early as possible. Please note that at some venues backstage space may be limited.
  • No guest lists: Each band member is given a wristband for full access to all Homegrown events throughout the week. You must have listed all band members on your online registration form in order to receive the appropriate number of passes. If you have band members who are in other bands, their wristbands might be in another band’s packet and not yours. New additions and “special guests” will need to purchase a wristband.
  • Be polite: Introduce yourself to venue managers and sound engineers so they recognize you should you have any problems. Be aware that along with the venue owner, venue managers have the authority to stop the show for any reason.
  • Be professional: Have reasonable expectations for sound engineers. Don’t expect eight vocal microphones or 10 direct boxes. Sound checks are done on the fly, and the longer you take getting “more me” in the monitors comes out of your set time.
  • Be flexible: Sometimes shows run behind. You may be asked to shorten your set. Blame the earlier band for not following the guidelines.
  • Be epic: It’s Homegrown for cripes sake. There are no bad slots. Play the best show you can muster up, in spite of any adversity that comes your way.
  • Respect the venues: No pyro or needless trashing of the stages. If you make a mess, clean it up.
  • Free-drink benefits may vary: Some venues provide two free drinks to each person in the bands playing there, smaller venues may provide one, but some venues do not.

Band Stipends

As in previous years, Homegrown offers a stipend to all performing musicians.  We know it doesn’t cover all the work you do all year to make Duluth rawk, but it’s a little thank you that’ll at least enable you to party extra hard during the week, or maybe pay off those overdue fines at the library.  Bands receive $50 and solo artists get $25.

Follow these guidelines to get paid.

  • Solo artists are eligible to be paid $25; bands are eligible to be paid $50. Performers also can donate their pay to the festival if they wish.
  • Email to request pay. Send the e-mail after the festival, but before May 15. Make sure to specify the name of your band, and include a mailing address.
  • A check will be sent to you before the end of the month. If you don’t request it, it stays in the kitty, and the Chicken thanks you for your service.