FullSizeRenderName and occupation:
Pete Cich, Promotions & Marketing Assistant/Door Guy for Beaner’s Central

How long have you volunteered with Homegrown?
Pretty much since the beginning when volunteers were needed.

What is your favorite Homegrown memory?
Riding the trolley, and we were banging on the seats and backing Teague Alexy in “the Bare Necessities” while in between venues.

If you could resurrect a band from Homegrown’s past, who would it be?
Words to a Film Score.

Where are you from?

Advice for someone thinking about volunteering?
To have fun, and take time to enjoy the festival when you are not volunteering. You can choose your own adventure, and that is pretty cool!

What is your favorite instrument and why?
The drums, it’s just fun to jam and keep a beat going!