Deadline: April 10, 2015

Every year since it’s inception, the Homegrown Music Festival has invaded the Twin Ports with a whirlwind of rowdy rock, danceable delights and a veritable army of folks bursting with hometown pride who are ready to party hearty! After the dust settles on venues across the northland we’re left with our memories, some a bit fuzzier than others. Thank the great chicken for all those skilled photographers documenting the merriment and debauchery! The annual Homegrown Music Festival Photography Show is our way of celebrating the photographic wizardry of the Twin Port’s photography community as well as reliving some of our fondest Duluth music scene memories.

So just how do you show off your sickest Homegrown photos?

Load up an old memory card, dust off some old negatives, or pull that old snapshot from a disposable camera that you’ve been keeping in that that shoebox under your bed and submit them here. Any photography that relates to the Duluth music scene from any year is eligible. Photographs need not be of the musicians performing, so get creative!

An opening reception for the show will be held at the:

Red Herring Lounge Monday April 27th at 6pm 208 E 1st St. Duluth, MN 55802

Submit up to five of your favorite images. Several jurors will review all the submissions and curate a show from the entries. Submitting work does not guarantee inclusion into the show. Images will be judged individually, and not as part of a set. So if you submit five, you may only be asked to show one of them.

Top entries will be awarded ribbons. And when we say ribbons, we really mean week long Homegrown passes – which are sort of like ribbons, but way more awesome.

Selected entries will be expected to arrive matted, framed and ready to hang. Framing need not be done professionally. Special printing rates and loaner frames will be available on a first come, first serve basis for anyone who is selected. Feel free to fire an email to for any additional details, advice or questions you may have about preparing your photo.

Submit your photos now!