Duluth rocker extraordinaire Alan Sparhawk helps jumpstart the longest day of Homegrown by leading the Rock ’n’ Run at 11 a.m. This 5-mile run begins and ends at Chester Bowl Park, where the Homegrown Kickball Classic starts. The first pitch of the kickball game supposedly happens at noon, though the cast includes hung-over ne’er-do-wells, making it Homegrown’s least timely spectacle.

Sacred Heart Music Center showcases seven classical afternoon performances. Coordinator Bret Amundson says to expect a cross-section of instrumentalists and vocalists in both small and large ensembles.

There’s time to take a power nap before the evening adventures commence. One of the weirdest shows of Homegrown begins at Beaner’s at 6 p.m. with Big Science, a collective of experimental musicians. Meanwhile, the Amazing Grace lineup features several classically trained performers.

The Minnesota Power Plaza will showcase the mesmerizing undulations of the Tribal Alchemie belly dancers and the fiery frolics of the Spin Collective fire dancers. Travis Hendershot and Jim Hall will perform on the free trolley.

For a show that’s sure to be loud and messy, R.T. Quinlan’s is the place. Expect thrash hardcore, psychedelic punk and possibly some airborne meat. For those looking to get their groove on, Rex Bar will have DJs as well as underground and experimental hip hop. Pizza Lucé’s show features some Homegrown mainstays like Toby Thomas Churchill and Marc Gartman.

Chester Bowl Park

11am Rock ’n’ Run

12pm Homegrown Kickball Classic


Sacred Heart Music Center

3pm Twin Ports Choral Project

3:30pm College of St. Scholastica Concert Choir

4pm Jacob Jonker

4:20pm Mina Kaiser

4:35pm Zenith City Ensemble

4:50pm North Wind Flute Choir

5:25pm Goat Hill Quartet

5:45pm Northland’s Finest Horn Choir


Beaner’s Central

6pm Big Science

7pm Modify

8pm The Documentary


Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

6:15pm Gina Lee

7:15pm John Agacki

8:15pm Briand Morrison


Teatro Zuccone

6:15pm Tender Ness

7:15pm Dear Rosetta

8:15pm Cyrus Pireh


Blacklist Artisan Ales

8pm Mel Annala

9pm Mama’s Stolen Horses

10pm Gin Street

11pm Glen’s Neighbor

12am Dyad


DTA Trolley

8pm Travis Hendershot

9pm Jim Hall


Legacy Glassworks

8:30pm J4Tay

9:30pm Kyle Ollah

10:30pm Average Mammals


Red Herring Lounge

8:30pm Anthony Bennett

9:30pm Greg Cougar Conley

10:30pm Reflectivore

11:30pm The Fiasco


Minnesota Power Plaza

7:45pm Tribal Alchemie featuring Yabobo African Drum Group

8:45pm Spin Collective


Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake

8:30pm #theindianheadband

9:30pm Jack Campbell

10:30pm Feeding Leroy


R. T. Quinlan’s Saloon

9pm Nopamine

10pm Southpaw

11pm Pizzaghost

12am Bratwurst


Rex Bar at Fitger’s

9pm Low-Hi Funk

10pm James G

11pm Nonfic

12am The Crunchy Bunch


Pizza Lucé

10:30pm Beyond Bliss

11:30pm Toby Thomas Churchill

12:30am Glitteratti


Spurs on First

9:45pm Wes Hadrich

10:45pm Minnesotabuick

11:45pm The Adjustments


Barrel Room at Fitger’s Brewhouse

10:15pm Group Too

11:15pm Bill Flannagan

12:15am The Brothers Burn Mountain


The Blind Pig

9:30pm Dead End Friends

10:30pm The Tisdales

11:30am Chasm of Czar