Day 4 is the day typically reality starts to set in. Embrace it. Gin Street, Pizzaghost, Silverback Colony, and an assortment of bands are all playing for your enjoyment! Oh yeah, and that band Low. Get out and have fun! (Remember, look both ways before crossing the street!)

Wednesday, May 4

Clyde Iron Works – Mezzanine
6pm Holy Hootenanners
10:15pm Chase Down Blue
11:15pm Kristy Marie and the Forget Me Nots

Beaner’s Central

7:30pm Tenants
8:30pm Gin Street

9:30pm Pizzaghost

Clyde Iron Works – Main Stage
7pm Teague Alexy and Friends
8pm Low
9pm Red Mountain

Mr. D’s Bar & Grill
9:30pm The Trash Cats
10:30pm Crazy Neighbors
11:30pm Silverback Colony
12:30am Rich Mattson and the Northstars

Gopher Restaurant & Lounge
9:45pm The Old Smugglers
10:45pm Kraig James & the Campfire Stars
11:45pm Emily Jayne and Fellas
12:45am The Fiasco

10:15pm RoofTop Fable
11:15pm Rick McLean
12:15am Chasm of Czar