IMG_9198Name and occupation, describe what you do:
Ezra Bennett. Kommissar of Coffee. Beanslinger. Java Lama. Senior roaster extraordinaire for Alakef and City Girl Coffee companies.
How long have you volunteered at festivals and how long with Homegrown?
I’ve been volunteering at music festivals in and off for the last twenty years. I started at Harmony Park, worked with the early incarnations of the Big Wu Family Reunion, Green Man, Eyes and Hands (with Paul Connolly), and Homegrown Music Festival. I was on the first steering committee (again with Paul Connolly, Amy Abts, Al Sparhawk, Don Ness, and a bunch of others). This is my fourth consecutive year as the Unofficial Special Adjunct Assistance and Damage Control Technician to the Homegrown Volunteer Coordinator. I’ve also volunteered on and off for the last ten years or so.
Favorite tour shirt?
All my good ones are gone…worn to pieces and succumbed to the ravages of time.What are your hobbies?
Is procrastination a hobby?
I don’t really collect things. I don’t have the discipline that others do for keeping things around…so, stuff is transitory.
Hiking, backpacking, music. Beer. Coffee. Live music.
Watching Star Trek (my daughter and I are finishing up DS9, and have watched TOS, the animated series, and TNG.)
Inspiring people, I guess…could be considered a hobby…encouraging people to better themselves. to go outside their normal “comfort” space and excel.

If you could enhance the festival with one new form of arts and entertainment, what would it be?
Pyrotechnics. (I don’t mean the fire spinners. I’m talking about blowing things up.) maybe kabuki theater?

Advice for people thinking about dipping their feathers in the festival?
Fortune favors the bold.