Poetry NightThe Monday formerly known as Ancillary Arts Night is still heavy on the ancillary fun. It begins with a flash in the Zeitgeist Building Atrium, with the opening reception for the Homegrown Photo Show: Rent Money! Come to the lobby at 4 p.m. to gaze at photography inspired by this monster of a local music scene, including artists’ depictions of night life in the Twin Ports (sweat/beer soaked beards optional).

Dave Moreira, a.k.a. SkatRadioh, will be showcasing his art at the exhibit, consisting mostly of poster work done for local house shows.

“When I moved to Duluth I surrounded myself with artists and musicians,” Moreira says. “Creating poster art for the housevenue circuit is a very unique, intimate place to share ideas and feelings with the people who see it. I’m not a musical performer, but the art gives me a chance to share the stage with many of my friends and musicians that I respect.”

Other artists in the show include Andrew Perfetti, Matt Stengl, Tommy Kronquist and Jason Kokal.

For another Homegrown take on photography get to the Duluth Photography Institute at 5 p.m. for its show, Local Walk. Photos here will take you on a visual stroll through Duluth, with local artists’ lenses standing in as your pictorial pupils. Staring is inevitable with= work from Ryan Tischer, Jeremiah Brown, Gage Salyards, Christina Micheletti and Anne Woster.

The Homegrown Music Video Festival begins when random renegade filmmakers are randomly- assigned a random song submitted from a random Homegrown band. The randomly resulting music videos will be screened for the first time at Zinema 2 at 6p.m. Before you start throwing elbows to get to the front of the ticket line, know there are encores throughout the rest of the week.

Bring out your inner beatnik by coming to Teatro Zuccone at 7:30 p.m. for the Homegrown Poetry Showcase, complete with musical accompaniment by Jesse Hoheisel, Kathy McTavish, and Richie Townsend. Poets dropping rhymes and knowledge include Sheila Packa, Gary Boelhower, Yvonne Rutford, Liz Minette, Trevor Kaldor, Parnell Thill, Paul Lundgren, Mary Bue, Jen Derrick, Tera Freese, Jasmine Baumgart, Devin McKinnon, Nathan Ness, Bob Monahan and Kyle Elden. The event is coordinated by Elden, who is board chair of the Lake Superior Writers, a group that supports writers and fosters the area’s vibrant literary community.

All events for Monday April 30, 2012

Zeitgeist Building Atrium

  • 4 p.m. | Opening reception for Homegrown Photo Show: Rent Money! art exhibit

Duluth Photography Institute

  • 5 p.m. | Opening Reception for Local Walk art exhibit

Zinema 2

  • 6 p.m. | Homegrown Music Video Festival

Teatro Zuccone

  • 7:30 p.m. | Homegrown Poetry Showcase w/ musical accompaniment by Jesse Hoheisel, Kathy McTavish and Richie Townsend

Carmody Irish Pub

R.T. Quinlan’s Saloon