ducksThey’re not even chickens, but these little dudes are in full support of  Duluth’s Homegrown Music Festival!

Monday’s events start off with the Homegrown Photo Show in the atrium of the Zeitgeist Arts Building. The Duluth Photographers Guild, and Laramie Carlson in particular, have coordinated the show, which consists of photos from Homegrowns past. Photographers joining Carlson with work on display will be Justin Sinks, Richard Narum, Kip Praslowicz, Jason Kokal, Jeremiah Brown, Crystal Holden, John Stromquist and Andy Miller.

The Homegrown Music Video Festival will take place at Zinema 2 at 6 p.m.  eighteen videographers were assigned songs on March 1, each charged with the task of creating an original music video. The  screening of the finished products has become so popular that encore showings have been added in recent years to accommodate the growing audience.

“There are some videos that are still my favorites from the very first year, when they only had a weekend to make them, and some from last year when they had a month,” coordinator Annie Dugan says. The Homegrown Poetry Showcase has  been moved to Fitger’s Spirit of the North Theater this year to make more room for all the beatniks and saps. Organized lovingly by Kyle Elden, this event pulls out a diverse selection of literary voices, from well-established, published poets to punks who scribble on crumpled paper. Their words are accompanied by improvisational music by Jesse Hoheisel, Kathy McTavish and Richie Townsend.

As always, music will rage into the night, but this year the venues will be contained to a walking-friendly quadrant of East Superior Street.