If you’ve been doing things right you’re already starting to feel the burn, but that’s okay, you’ve been here before and you know how to pace yourself for the long haul.  If your just now joining us, you’ve probably got some super-lame excuse like “work,” or “finals,” whatever, you’re here now so we’ll let it slide.  Personally, my tail-feathers  are starting to get all twitchy, because things are just starting to get really good.

Tuesday brings us a spectacular lineup of acts… large and small, we love ’em all, and Tuesday of Homegrown always has them all!  If you’re just now making it out, or if you were checking out other shows last night, get yer tuccus to Cinema 2 for the first encore showing of the  Homegrown Music Video Festival at 5:30, after that, head over to the Underground and catch the Music Resource Center showcase, to check out the next generation of talent coming up in Duluth.  There’s been a slight lineup change for the “MRC” showcase, things are starting at 7:00pm instead of 6:00pm, and there’s one less act, but you’ll still get to see 3 talented, young, bands from the Armory’s terrific after-school music program… c’mon, show the kids some love!

If you tend shake your fist at clouds, mumbling about “them young whipper-snappers,” or maybe you just couldn’t make it out til later due to some reason or another, don’t worry, the night is young.  We of course have the behemoth Grandma’s Sports Garden Show, this year’s lineup is Red Mountain, Cars & Trucks, Toby Thomas Churchill and Retribution Gospel Choir, and it definitely shouldn’t be missed, but if that’s not exactly your scene, we also have a great distribution of more intimate shows focused in the Canal Park/Lake Ave area.  Amazing Grace Bakery & Cafe and the Prøve Gallery are hosting a stellar lineup of all-ages friendly shows.  If you’re just in the mood to chill out with some killer tunes and a good bottle of wine or a small-batch vodka martini, there is a great mix of acts at the Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar tonight as well.

Alright, this is day three of me telling you to go forth and “do something,” and quite frankly it’s starting to make my giblets hurt…  just go out and have a good time, and if your feeling especially generous, buy one of those nice folks in the red jackets a drink and you can consider your mission accomplished for the evening… as always, today’s schedule is posted below.

(today’s photo courtesy of Richard Narum)

Tuesday, April 29

Zinema 2

5:30pm Homegrown Music Video Festival (encore #1)

The Underground (MRC Showcase)

7pm Potluck Communists

8pm Transparency

9pm The Lockpicks

Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

6:30pm Superior Siren

7:30pm Kristy Marie & Jim Hall

8:30pm The 13th Choir

Grandma’s Sports Garden

8:45pm Red Mountain

9:45pm Cars & Trucks

10:45pm Toby Thomas Churchill

11:45pm Retribution Gospel Choir

Prøve Gallery

9:15pm Tin Can Gin

10:15pm Lee Jeffrey

11:15pm Somewhere But Who

Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar

10pm Gina Lee

11pm Fuzzy Ellis

12am Hannah Rey