Alright festers, amateur hour is officially over…  It’s time to put on those big hen/rooster feathers and chicken the cluck up!

We let you ease into things on Sunday and Monday, but we are officially into day three of this thing, and, it is now officially a thing.

That’s right, tonight is Canal Park Night. But as with every rule at Homegrown, someone’s breaking it. Non-canal shows will also take place just up the hill at Prøve and Dubh Linn, and out west at Bent Paddle Brewing. Also, if you missed the Music video Fest the first time, catch the encore at Zinema 2 at 7 p.m.

Canal Park venues include Amazing Grace, Lake Avenue Café and, of course, Grandma’s Sports Garden. This year’s mammoth-stage lineup is Marc Gartman’s Fever Dream, Prince Paul and the Conscious Party, Devil’s Flying Machine and Bratwurst.

May The Chicken be with you!

Photo credit: Serena Modec-Halverson

Tuesday, April 28

Zinema 2
7pm Homegrown Music Video Festival (Encore Presentation)

Bent Paddle Brewing Co.
6pm Steve Sola
7pm Hanna Cesario
8pm The Kyle Scherz Band

Amazing Grace
6:30pm Stel
7:30pm Hannah McDaniel
8:30pm Wes Hadrich

Prøve Gallery
8pm Legitimit
9pm Clover Street Cronies
10pm LadySlipper

Grandma’s Sports Garden
8:45pm Fever Dream
9:45pm Prince Paul and the Conscious Party
10:45pm Devil’s Flying Machine
11:45pm Bratwurst

Dubh Linn Irish Pub
10pm Willie Diction
11pm RoofTop Fable
12am Borderstone

Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar
11pm Adam Sippola
12am Nur Jehan Chishti