Alright kiddos, it’s time to put some arch support inserts in those Chuck Taylors.  Homegrown is officially “on ‘n’ poppin’.” as the kids say these days, or so i’m told…

In all seriousness, it’s Friday night, the undisputed, busiest night of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival; we’ve got 47 bands spread out over 15 venues, seriously folks, this is go-time!!!

In the past, as an homage to the old Norshore days, Tuesdays have always been the “experimental night” during Homegrown,  but not this year, this year it’s definitely Friday. If the lineup at Teatro Zuccone doesn’t make yer nerdy parts tingle at least a little bit, you ain’t got no nerdy parts…  Tim Kaiser @ 6:30 pm, Dirty Knobs @ 7:30 pm, and Troy Rogers’ robot ensemble @ 8:30, seriously my giblets are already oscillating right about 6hz, it could get messy…

Honestly this is the heart of the weekend, we’ve got venues spread out from Sir Ben’s all the way to Beaner’s, and everywhere in between. This is also the first night of the Homegrown trolley, courtesy of the DTA and the Greater Downtown Council, take advantage of it, if you don’t, you’re missing out on a huge part of the “Homegrown Experience.”

There’s honestly too much going on tonight on for me to itemize everything , so just hitch a ride downtown( field-guide in hand, of course) and just hit as much as you can…  you’re guaranteed to miss something awesome, but if you’re engaging with your fellow music-loving, Duluthians, trust me, you’re winning!

That’s it.  Go forth and be yourself, be kind, and most importantly, be safe.
Bok Bok,
The Chicken

And as always, tonight’s schedule is posted below:


Friday, May 2

Amazing Grace Bakery Café

5:30pm The Branditos

6:30pm Portage

7:30pm Biochemical Characters

8:30pm Lay Low & Bender

Beaner’s Central

6pm Portrait of a Drowned Man

7pm Exiles

8pm Turbo Rathvon

9pm The Albedo Effect

Teatro Zuccone

6:30pm Tim Kaiser

7:30pm Dirty Knobs

8:30pm Troy Rogers

The Underground

7pm Nur Jehan Chishti

8pm Todd Eckart

9pm Tangier 57

Legacy Glassworks

7:45pm Danecdote

8:45pm Thadi P.

9:45pm Low-Hi Funk

10:45pm Jaze

Sir Benedict’s Tavern

9:30pm Timmy Jacks Off

10:30pm Black River Revue

11:30pm RoofTop Fable

Carmody Irish Pub

9:45pm Bill Flannagan Blues Cabooze

10:45pm Stel

11:45pm Peter Pain

Fitger’s Brewhouse

10pm Glenn Maloney

11pm The Bitter Spills

12am A Winter Downpour

R. T. Quinlan’s Saloon

10pm Armond Blackwater & Blackwater Tribe

11pm Dead Skull

12am Wolf Blood

Rex Bar

10:15pm The Crunchy Bunch

11:15pm Fred Tyson Sex Worskshop

12:15am The Fontanelles

Red Star Lounge

10:15pm Misnomer

11:15pm Nonfic

12:15am DJ Warhorse

Dubh Linn

10:15pm Dirty Horse

11:15pm American Rebels

12:15am Big Wave Dave and the Ripples

Tycoons Alehouse

10:30pm Space Carpet

11:30pm DJ Delgado

12:30am Prince Paul & the Conscious Party

Pizza Lucé

10:30pm The Keep Aways

11:30pm Horse & Rider

12:30am Sexhawk

Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar

10:45pm Four Mile Portage

11:45pm Christoph Bruhn