Forty-six bands, fifteen venues, seven and a half hours… aaaaaaaand go!

For the folks that have been representing the Duluth spirit and making it out to shows all week long, if you didn’t know going into it, you certainly know now… Homegrown is a marathon, not a track meet. For the chicks just cracking out of their shells for the weekend, I’m sure you had some really “practical” excuse, but we’ll let it slide because we know you’re totally in it to win it for the next two days.

Friday night has an absolutely epic roster of bands, which you can check out below. Go forth and rawk (we’ll talk about rolling tomorrow).

Friday, May 1

Beaner’s Central
6pm The Slamming Doors
7pm Biochemical Characters
8pm Ian Alexy and the Deserters

Amazing Grace Bakery & Café
6:15pm Paper Parlor
7:15pm Potluck Communists
8:15pm Heart’s Bane

Teatro Zuccone
6:15pm Ariane Norrgard, Emma Deaner & Rachel Gobin
7:15pm Portrait of a Drowned Man
8:15pm The Blasphemists

The Underground
6:45pm Holy Hootenanners
7:45pm Sing! A Women’s Chorus
8:45pm Nordic Angst

DTA Trolley
8pm Accipiter, Buteo
9pm Jeffrey James O’Loughlin

Legacy Glassworks
8:30pm Rick McLean
9:30pm The Moon Is Down
10:30pm The Fabulous D-Bags

Red Herring Lounge
8:30pm Ryan Van Slooten
9:30pm Fearless Moral Inventory
10:30pm Dead End Friends

Sir Benedict’s Tavern
9pm Emily Jayne
10pm Déjà vu Drifters
11pm The Adjustments

Fitger’s Brewhouse
9:15pm Teague Alexy & the Ill Contingent
10:15pm Morrow
11:15pm The Fiasco

R. T. Quinlan’s Saloon
10pm Timothy Martin & the New Norm
11pm Father Hennepin
12am The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank

Dubh Linn Irish Pub
10pm Strictly Hammers
11pm Space Carpet
12am Revolution Jones

Rex Bar
10pm Duluth Dolls
11pm Sweat Equity
12am Southwire

Red Star Lounge
10:15pm Reflectivore
11:15pm Dead Skulll
12:15am Ire Wolves

Tycoons Alehouse
10:30pm The Good Colonels
11:30pm The Fontanelles
12:30am The Silk Sheiks

Pizza Lucé
10:30pm Retribution Gospel Choir
11:30pm Mary Bue
12:30am Wolf Blood

Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar
10:45pm Charity and Good Wills
11:45pm De Se