kickballWell, this is it: 54 bands and one fire dancing troupe at 18 venues. Your grandmother is hanging off a bridge from a frayed bungee cord and Gandhi is about to eat a Whopper Jr. You can only save one of them.

To prepare for this decision, start the day off with a mimosa and some aspirin at Chester Creek Café. Then make your way to Chester Bowl Park to see kickball played by a bunch of musicians who got stuffed into lockers during gym class. The night’s music starts at 6 p.m., with Fearless Moral Inventory kicking off Beaner’s punk night.

R. T. Quinlan’s is once again  themed night — it’s “P” night with the Pulvermachers, Portrait of a Drowned Man and Portage. The Pulvermachers will be something of a throwback show. They’ve been around since about 1991 and their members have been playing the Twin Ports since ’82 in YRU and Iron Youth, among others. Their first show was in a garage on Arrowhead Road around 1991, after which their guitarist, Jon Berglund, had his last drink ever while talking Bob Olson (of Father Hennepin) out of quitting the music business. Ah, music scene history.

Stumble your way along Superior Street and beyond to catch as much as you can of everything else until the last shows start at 12:30. Southwire and Cars & Trucks, both of which released albums in March, close out Lucé.


Saturday, May 4

Chester Creek Café Wine Bar

10am Uncle Kenny

11am Paul Newberg

Chester Bowl Park

12pm Homegrown Kickball Classic

Beaner’s Central

6pm Fearless Moral Inventory

7pm Peer Precious

8pm Phillip of Nazareth

9pm Ultra Day

Sacred Heart Music Center

6:15pm Jim Hall

7:15pm Hattie Peterson

8:15pm The Fontanelles

9:15am Exiles

Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

6:45pm Germaine Gemberling

7:45pm Somewhere but Who

8:45pm A Band Called Truman

Teatro Zuccone

7pm Sing! A Women’s Chorus

8pm Bill Bastian & Israel Malachi

9pm Nur Jehan Chisti

Legacy Glassworks

7:15pm Good Knight

8:15pm Nonfic & Danecdote

9:15pm Kyle Scherz Band

Minnesota Power Plaza

9pm The Spin Collective

Sir Benedict’s Tavern

9:30pm Jay Benson

10:30pm Bill Flannagan

11:30pm Jeffrey James O’Loughlin

Twins Bar

9:30pm Ire Wolves

10:30pm The 13th Choir

11:30pm Aaron Gall and the Likely Story

Carmody Irish Pub

9:45pm Baby Grant Johnson

10:45pm Chris Clemens & Company

11:45pm The Getarounds

Spurs on First

9:45pm Saint Anyway

10:45pm Cowboy

11:45pm Toby Thomas Churchill

Fitger’s Brewhouse

10pm Charity Huot and the Shitz

11pm Preston Gunderson

12am Next of Kin

Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar

10pm Rory Isakson

11pm Steve Johnson

12am 5 Pints of Rye

Duluth Flame Nightclub

10pm DJ Nola

11pm Brotherman

12am DJ J. J. Lawrence

Tycoons Alehouse

10:15pm Billy Southern

11:15pm Mary Bue

12:15am The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank

Red Star Lounge

10:15pm Phantom Ship

11:15pm The Horror

12:15am DJ Delgado

Pizza Lucé

9:30pm Fever Dream

10:30pm Two Beat Band

11:30pm Southwire

12:30am Cars & Trucks

R.  T. Quinlan’s Saloon

9:30pm The Surfactants

10:30pm The Pulvermachers

11:30pm Portrait of a Drowned Man

12:30am Portage