Ok, give a poor, little, chicken a break…  I’ve been trying to entertain you with fresh eggs of knowledge all week long, but dag-nabbit, i’m a tired old bird…   your gonna have to deal with just today’s field guide bio, and the daily schedule, I still love you, but I totally hear my coop calling me.

Saturday at noon the Friday bands vs. Saturday bands Homegrown Kickball Classic saga continues. Friday took last year’s game, so Saturday will be out for blood. Or mud, if it’s anything like 2013.

Before heading to the game, make sure to stop at Chester Creek Café for Kraig James and Sara Thomsen at 10 and 11 a.m., respectively. Kraig Erickson, who performs as Kraig James, is probably the tallest performer in Homegrown this year at 6 feet 7 inches.

“Out of courtesy to my audience, I’m going to sit when I play,” Erickson says.

On Saturday there are 17 ven- ues and 52 bands/collectives/ drumming troupes. Two tal- ented young acts are playing at Amazing Grace. Taste the Feeling — two-thirds kid — is at 7:30 p.m., and Maddy Siiter is at 8:30. At 15, Siiter has already composed 70 songs.

There are rumors flying of a collaboration at Sacred Heart, where the North Wind Flute Choir, Sing! A Women’s Chorus and Low are performing. No hints. Fine, one hint. Sing! Low, sweet chariot.

Spin Collective and Tribal Alchemie will be putting on a show in the Minnesota Power Plaza from 9 to 10:30ish. And there is talk of actual roosters visiting the Cock- fight show at Carmody.

“Actually I know a guy who has some roosters,” says Rob May, half of Cockfight. “Well, he has some chickens. The roosters all died. … Maybe we could act ally set something like that up. I think it’s illegal.”

OK, there will be no roosters.

Bok Bok,
The Chicken

schedule below:

Saturday, May 3

Chester Creek Café Wine Bar

10am Kraig James

11am Sara Thomsen

Observation Park

12pm Homegrown Kickball Classic

Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

5:30pm The Ugly Mugs

6:30pm The Getarounds

7:30pm Taste the Feeling

8:30pm Maddy Siiter

Beaner’s Central

6pm Amy Abts

7pm Jillian Rae

8pm Mark Anderson Trio

9pm Preston Gunderson

Sacred Heart Music Center

6:15pm North Wind Flute Choir

7:15pm Sing! A Women’s Chorus

8:15pm Low

Teatro Zuccone

6:30pm The Fish Heads

7:30pm Markus J. Dandy & the Complete Lack Thereof

8:30pm Curren Effinger

The Underground

7pm Planemo

8pm Mikey Talented

9pm The Cold Starts

Legacy Glassworks

8:45pm Bliss

9:45pm Willie Diction

10:45pm Number One Common

11:45pm Xhaust

Minnesota Power Plaza

9pm The Spin Collective and Ladyslipper Musicians

9:45pm Tribal Alchemie featuring Yabobo Drummers

Sir Benedict’s Tavern

9:30pm The Tico Three

10:30pm Adam Sippola

11:30pm Todd Gremmels

Carmody Irish Pub

9:45pm Father Hennepin

10:45pm Brother George

11:45pm Cockfight

Fitger’s Brewhouse

10pm Abe Curran & the Blue Rooster

11pm Phantom Ship

12am The Murder of Crows

Duluth Flame Nightclub

10pm Uprising

11pm Supreme Rokka Hi-Fi

12am Fever Dream

R. T. Quinlan’s Saloon

10pm Indulge

11pm Low Forms

12am Bratwurst

Rex Bar

10:15pm Sarah Krueger

11:15pm The Slamming Doors

12:15pm The Brothers Burn Mountain

Red Star Lounge

10:15pm Malec

11:15pm 12StepVillains

12:15am Iron Range Outlaw Brigade

Tycoons Alehouse

10:30pm Mr. Kickass

11:30pm Electric Witch

12:30am Duck Duck Punch

Pizza Lucé

10:30pm The Good Colonels

11:30pm Jack Campbell & the Skeleton Keys

12:30am Crew Jones