There’s nowhere to run. The 14th annual Homegrown Music Festival is about to touch down on the very ground beneath us, and we will certainly be forced to assimilate. In order to survive and prosper while existing in this bizarre Homegrown world, we first must learn to adapt to a new way of life. Ideally this breakdown of each individual day will guide us to a new understanding of Homegrown and its ways, although you’re still likely to be eaten alive. That’s a risk we’re all willing to take, so keep reading and take note.

Since the “calm before the storm” is for procrastinators, we skip it entirely this year and get right into the thick of it. At 5 p.m. the Duluth Art Institute will hold its opening reception for the Homegrown: Visual Arts Edition exhibit. The collection will be focused on the visual arts ephemera related to Homegrown music — album art, gig posters, flyers, oh my! A little chicken even told us there might be an antique wristband from the very first Homegrown on display.

Krista Suchy, the exhibit’s curator, will speak on her efforts in putting the work together. As with any good speech, beer, wine and cheese will follow. Tim Kaiser will begin blowing our minds playing his space-age machines in the same space starting at 6 p.m., with Brian Barber’s artwork acting as the backdrop.

After getting full on beer, cheese and experimental music, Homegrowners will have a chance to test their I.Q. at Carmody Irish Pub come 9 p.m. The “high stakes” Homegrown Pub Quiz will be complete with prizes that are sure to astound. “I like to refer to them as fantastic,” says Carmody bartender Devin McKinnon, who will be doing his best to stump us all. Make sure to brush the cobwebs off those dusty Homegrown memories, as questions will all be based on the festival past and present.

While crafting your buzz don’t forget about the fresh batch of Homegrown Hempen Ale that will be flowing like a waterfall inside Tycoons Alehouse at 7 p.m. Mayor Don Ness will be in the house to say a few words, followed by music and Hempen Ales to your heart’s content. The traditional “New Band Night” hoopla continues this year at Pizza Lucé. Although the titles of the various nights of Homegrown have been done away with this year, the lineup at the Looch was still put together as a showcase of bands that have recently formed.

All events for Sunday April 29, 2012

Duluth Art Institute

  • 5 p.m. | Opening reception for Homegrown: Visual Arts Edition art exhibit

Duluth Art Institute – Morrison Gallery

Carmody Irish Pub

Tycoons Alehouse

Pizza Lucé