Alright folks, it’s go-time!  It doesn’t  matter if you’re just coming out of the gates, or powering through since day one, it’s time to kick it into high gear, because the weekend is upon us (yes, for homegrown the weekend STARTS ON THURSDAY)!

Honestly, where do i even begin? There is just so much to see on this years Superior night.  Killer singer/songwriters at the Red Mug, a full-on burlesque show at The Main, courtesy of the very talented Duluth Dolls, some serious punk rock going on at The Flame, and that’s just a smattering of what you’ve got to look forward to.

It’s VIP Pizza’s first year as a Homegrown venue, so show them a hearty Homegrown welcome by showing  up for some great music from Cowboy, Virgil Caine, and Silverback Colony, and if you’ve got the munchies, i heard a rumor they sell pizzas there as well.

Hmmmm…  what else have we got?  Thirsty Pagan Brewing and Norm’s Beer and Brats round out the venues in Superior, with everything from acoustic guitar, to hard rock, to reggae.  There are gonna be some tough decisions tonight, that’s for sure.

Not feeling like making the trip across the bridge?  We still think you should, but yeah, you’ve got your reasons and we’re not gonna leave you stranded in Duluth with nothing to do.  We’ve got great line-ups at Burrito Union, Chester Creek Cafe Wine Bar, and The Reef.

Early evening activities?  Soup and sausages have been rumored to be consumed en masse at various locations on either side of the bridge prior to the Souptown Night festivites…  If you’re not already going to an existing pregame party, don’t feel left out, just call up your buddies and start a tradition of your own.  Homegrown is supposed to be a community party, engage in your community as a whole at the shows, and on a more intimate level with friends and family before you go out.  Fire up the bbq or crock pot, throw a few cans in the cooler, and put on your favorite local music party mix, problem solved.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Go forth to the land of sausage and squeaky cheese, party it up, but be safe.   Seriously, I know everyone thinks of Superior as being far away, and yeah, technically it’s in a different state, but it’s still a pretty cheap cab ride.  Take a cab, carpool, volunteer to be the sober driver, whatever you have to do to ensure your safety and that of others.

Bok Bok,
The Chicken