Whoa, so last night was totally a thing, and tonight is super totally a thing…    folks, it’s Superior Night!  It doesn’t  matter if you’re just coming out of the gates, or powering through since day one, it’s time to kick it into high gear, because the weekend is upon us (yes, for homegrown the weekend STARTS ON THURSDAY)!

I’m a tuckered out old bird so I’m just gonna give you today’s schedule, it’s gonna be awesome.  I promise you, that making it out to Superior tonight will totally be your worth your while… chike… zzzzzzzzz…

Thursday, April 30

Red Mug Coffeehouse
6pm Bliss
7pm Christine Hoberg
8pm Maintenance Free

The Spirit Room
6:30pm Lee Lah Sohn
7:30pm Frances & Luke
8:30pm Group Too

Jefferson People’s House
6:45pm Gaelynn Lea
7:45pm Chris and Mark

Chester Creek Café Wine Bar
9pm Steve Johnson
10pm Ann Kathryn Loop

Tower Avenue Tavern
9pm Dirty Horse
10pm Low Forms
11pm Abe Curran & the Blue Rooster

Norm’s Beer & Brats
9:30pm A Winter Downpour
10:30pm Kristy Marie and the Forget Me Nots
11:30pm Charlie Parr

Thirsty Pagan Brewing
9:45pm Songs of Shipwreck
10:45pm Bill Flannagan’s Blue Cabooze
11:45pm Silverback Colony

Reef Bar
10pm The People Say Fox
11pm Black River Revue
12am The Crunchy Bunch

The Main Club
10:15pm Supreme Rokka Hi-Fi
11:15pm The Keep Aways
12:15am The Social Disaster

Superior Flame Nightclub
10:15pm Mr. Kickass
11:15pm Hannah Rey
12:15am J.J. Lawrence

Vintage Italian Pizza
10:30pm Horse & Rider
11:30pm Gold Star Junkies
12:30am The Legendary Hell Puppies