I’m not trying to imply that the Beatles were time traveling aliens that visited Duluth, Minnesota in May of 2015, only to return to 1965 and pen the song “Eight Days a week” as a tribute, not to a woman, but actually to a certain music festival…    but prove it’s not true.

That’s right,  Homegrownians, day eight of this powerhouse festival is finally upon us.

I know it’s rough, but we’re only hours away from the finish line.  We can make it!

Sunday, May 3

Pizza Lucé
11am Pushing Chain
12pm Mel Annala

Red Herring Lounge
12pm Homegrown Music Video Festival (Second Encore)

Canal Park Brewing Co.
1:30pm Dance Attic
2:30pm Feeding LeRoy
3:30pm A Band Called Truman