10750155_736384873136457_5996509338938905338_oNo longer are the Clover Street Cronies playing the curb, or “outside stage” as they call it, for Homegrown. This year they’re bringing their ragtime tunes to an actual stage. With spoons, a guitar and a banjo, Charlotte Montgomery creates music inspired from the odds-and-ends of music from the 1920s and ’30s. Joined by Kyle Ollah on the guitar and fiddle, the old-time music duo has decided to retire their street performances, play in a heated venue and not freeze their asses off. A video produced by Lakefront Films for their song “Look Up, Look Down That Lonesome Road” was released in December. It was shot at the ruins of the U.S. Lighthouse Station Depot on Park Point.

9pm TUES 4/28 | Prøve Gallery