trumanA Band Called Truman is an eight-member rock band that plays original music and twisted covers of everything from Joe Cocker to the Cure. Frontman Leon Rohrbaugh is a musical jack-of-all-trades who has deployed any number of musical gizmos during his numerous Homegrown performances over the years. Drums, bass, congas, bongos, kazoos, didgeridoos, schmidgeridoos, beer flutes — if it makes music, Rohrbaugh plays it. So it makes sense his current group incorporates a vast menagerie of styles. This coterie of veteran members includes Tom Wilkowske on bass, Chris Modec-Halverson on drums and Jim Pospisil on keyboard, with a horn ensemble made up of Jess Olson, Kirby Wood, Dale Schimmin and Mina Hubert.

3:30pm Sun 5/3 | Canal Park Brewing